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Massage Gun Routine for Working from Home

COVID-19 has shifted our lives in many ways. Since we have to stay at home most days, a lot of us are not able to keep up the same daily activity levels we had before. For those of us working from home, we are sitting down and staying in the same position for long periods of time, which can cause strain and tension on some very important muscle groups in our bodies. You may notice that your back has more pain than usual, your shoulders start to make a clicking sound when you stretch, your legs become numb more often, or that your oblique muscles and glutes are super tense. If that’s the case, it’s completely normal because your activity level has gone down and you’re sitting down for most of the day. Using a massage gun on those problem areas can help bring you the relief, recovery, and relaxation that you need and deserve during these stressful times.

Besides cracking your back on your chair and stretching your neck from side to side, we’ve created a work from home massage gun routine for those muscle groups that may be feeling a bit off these days.

What to do for neck pain:

It's really easy to tweak your neck. Whether you sleep on it wrong, turn around too suddenly, sit at your desk all day with bad posture, or lift something too heavy, the NFORCE massage gun can bring you relief. For neck treatment, we recommend using the flat head or one of the ball heads. For a more intense and targeted relief, we suggest the fork head, but you can choose any head you feel most comfortable with. Turn your massage gun on, hold it by whichever handle feels most comfortable on your wrist, and point it to your neck. Move the massage gun up and down your neck muscles applying as much or as little pressure as you feel necessary. You can also stay static in one area of your neck if that area requires more attention and treatment.

Got back and shoulder pain? We've got you covered:

Sitting in front of a desk or computer all day can create a lot of pain and tension in your shoulders and upper back. When treating this part of the body, we like to use either of the round ball head attachments for a smooth and tender treatment. If you feel like you need a more targeted and intense treatment, you can use the bullet head. Turn on your massage gun and press the head onto your upper back area, working your way to your shoulders, and even up to your neck, one side at a time. You can move the device side to side, up and down, or in a circular motion staying in one specific area if it’s especially bothersome.

Got heavy arms? Try the NFORCE massage gun to treat arm soreness:

Typing on a computer all day can cause your arms to become tense and overworked. The percussive therapy of a massage gun is the perfect way to bring relief to your arms and protect them from further pain. For the arms, we recommend using the small ball head or the flat head, but you can use any attachment you’d like. Turn on your massage gun and press it onto either arm, starting at the biceps and moving down along the whole length of your arm muscles, applying as much or as little pressure as you feel comfortable with. Treat each arm for about 30-60 seconds at a time so they don’t get sore.

What about the wrists? Carpal tunnel relief:

Typing or writing all day can definitely take a toll on your wrists. Whether you have carpal tunnel or general wrist pain, using a massage gun on your wrist area can help bring relief. Since the wrists are such a delicate body part, we recommend using the flat head or one of the ball heads for a more tender form of relief. Turn your massage gun on and put the head onto your wrist. It's a good idea to start at the lowest intensity setting of your NFORCE for the wrists since they're so fragile. You can move your massage gun up and down your forearm, move it in a circular motion around either wrist, or stay static in one trouble area.

Trying to crack your back to get relief? Relieve your back pain and tension safer and faster with a massage gun:

While sitting in front of a computer all day, it can be really hard to keep a straight posture. Sitting down for long periods of time, especially with poor posture, can leave your lower back aching and cramping. Using a massage gun on this part of the body will help strengthen and recover your muscles. For the lower back, we recommend the flat head or the ball heads. If you want a more intense treatment, you can bullet or five points head. Press the head of the massage gun to your lower back and turn it on, avoiding applying pressure directly onto your spine. Move the device up and down the length of your lower back muscles, as well as side to side. To target a specific point on your lower back, you can move in a circular motion or stay in that area statically for short periods of time.

Don’t forget about the thighs and legs:

Staying seated for long periods of time can also lead to thigh and leg discomfort. Use your massage gun on your outer thighs, inner thighs, and calves to find relief from tension and soreness. Since the thighs are such a large muscle group, we recommend using the large ball head, but you can use any head you feel comfortable with. Point the head of the massage gun to either thigh and turn it on, applying pressure up and down your thighs or in circular motions. Use both hands if you feel that you need to apply extra pressure. For the calves, we recommend the flat head for a mild treatment, or the bullet head for an intense treatment. Put the head of the massage gun on either calf and move it up and down, side to side, or stay static in one place if you feel it needs more attention.

Combine this routine with good hydration and daily activity to make sure your body feels its best during these quarantine days!