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Bean | Heating Shiatsu Massage Pillow

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Say HI! to Bean, our feature-rich Shiatsu massage pillow that goes wherever you go. With 4 powerful 3D heated massage nodes that automatically change direction, Bean delivers effective pain relief.

  • 4 powerful 3D massage nodes with pro-graded kneading motion
  • Ergonomic design hugs your neck, shoulder, waist, back, thigh, calf and feet
  • Heating function with 3 levels of intensity
  • Flexible strap attaches Bean to chairs and car seats
  • Detachable dust cover keeps Bean clean
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More comfy than your favorite throw pillow.

That throw pillow isn’t massaging away any stress and pain any time soon, right? But, hey, Bean will. Now your can work on the couch with your laptop, and get a massage.

Heated Shiatsu, everyone deserves one.

Oof! No matter how ergonomic they make them, 8 hours in an office chair is murder on your back. Let Bean take care of that. Now, isn’t that better?