Mother's Day: What Motherhood Really Is and How to Show Your Appreciation this Mother's Day

Mother's Day: What Motherhood Really Is and How to Show Your Appreciation this Mother's Day

 Motherhood might be based on a biological connection according to science books, but DNA doesn’t play a role in making someone a mom. Motherhood isn’t a list of rules that perfectly outline how to think, act, and dress.


What is Motherhood, really?


Motherhood is feeling bringing your child home for the first time feeling terrified, yet, ecstatic. It’s checking on your kids for the 4th time, attentively watching their chests rise up and down while they sleep. It’s reading the same bedtime story for two months straight, knowing every word by heart. Or finding the perfect hiding spot for your favorite snack so you can indulge when you have a minute to yourself. It’s building another Lego house, even though you’d rather be watching the newest Netflix series. Motherhood is comforting your middle schooler after their first break-up or holding yourself together at high school graduation because you have never seen your child so happy. It is being OK with their excitement to leave home because that means you have done your job well. Motherhood is defined through many, many moments. Motherhood has no defined personality, age, race, or religion. It’s a way of life.


How to show the mother-figure in your life you appreciate her


Think about the mother-figure in your life, think of all the different moments you’ve shared together. If you get the warm and fuzzies then we’re guessing, you want to show them how much you appreciate them this Mother’s Day. Here are a few simple, yet meaningful ways to do that.


  • Let her sleep in

This might sound simple, but trust us, most moms would LOVE this as one of their Mother’s Day gifts. Extra time to rest is always a welcome gift.


  • Just spend the day with her doing something she enjoys

Participate in one of her favorite hobbies with her or watch all her favorite movies with her. Just do something she loves to do.


  • Make her favorite dinner

We’re sure you know a few of your mom’s favorite dishes, treat her by cooking up her favorite meal. A great way to reward her after all the meals she’s probably cooked for you!


  • Give a meaningful gift

This can mean a lot of things; it just depends on the person. Maybe you create a blanket with a collage of family photos on it, or maybe you’re a good photographer so you offer to take nice portraits of her. Make her a playlist of songs that make you think of specific memories with her or if you recently saw her eyeing a specific necklace at the store, go get it for her. It just needs to be something that shows you specifically thought of her when you created it/bought it.


  • Give her a massager to help rub out those stress knots

If she’s had a particularly stressful few weeks or months, giving her a percussion massager is a great option. Just make sure someone offers to give her the massage, she shouldn’t have to give herself her own massages on Mother’s Day!


  • Let her have the house to herself

This one might sound counter-intuitive since many people think they need to spend time with the moms in their lives on Mother’s Day but sometimes momma needs a break. Let her a peaceful day to herself so she can do what she wants, when she wants with no interruptions.



There’s no guidebook on how to show your mom you appreciate her, so our best piece of advice we can give, though, is to her ask her what she wants!