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MFLEX | Customizable Deep-Tissue PSOAS Massage Tower

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MFLEX is award-winning massage gear that gets to places where pain can cause some real mobility problems. Set up, get up and get on your way.

  • Adaptable base is designed to widen/retract to target diverse muscle groups
  • Interchangeable heads for beginners and advanced users
  • No power needed, always ready for deep tissue recovery
  • 3 available colors
  • Award-Winning 2021’s best bodyweight-based massage tool
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MFLEX is a serious tool.

MFLEX goes deep, where working with some pain, relieves the pain. It’s a workhorse of a tool that takes care of professional MMA fighters and competitive athletes alike.

Serious, yes, but uncomplicated and easy to use.

MFLEX is a great buddy to have at home, too. Work out the kinks, relieve the pain and Face Time your mother.