California-Based Njoie Enters the Recovery & Wellness Market with NFORCE Self-Massage Gun

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NFORCE Provides Quality Recovery & Self-Care for Varying User Needs at an Affordable Price of $99.99

Oxnard, California, September 22, 2020 – Today, health and wellness brand officially launched the NFORCE massage gun, making at-home recovery and relief accessible to all consumers regardless of lifestyle or activity level. The powerful, lightweight percussion massage gun helps users relieve muscle pain, recover from injury, or simply relax and recharge.

Njoie, pronounced “enjoy”, understands the importance of recovery and general wellness and the need for affordable, customized solutions beyond professional athletes. The company is committed to empowering consumers to live a balanced lifestyle by prioritizing both physical and mental health at their convenience.

“Now more than ever, affordable relief and relaxation should be available to consumers at home, which is why we’re so excited to launch the Njoie brand and the new NFORCE massage gun. When I initially shopped for a massage gun for myself, products were upwards of $400 and there was little to go on in terms of evaluating brand value – a steep price when you’re uncertain of the quality of the product. We quickly realized there was a gap in the market” said Navid Farhand, VP of , Njoie. “Our brand and products are designed to meet consumers where they are with quality recovery solutions. We realize no one injury, ache, pain or lifestyle is the same, so we’re focused on bringing a versatile product mix to the market, starting with the NFORCE.”

NFORCE is the everyday massage gun that meets the needs of various consumers, whether working professionals sitting at their desks or home desks all day, those recovering from an injury, athletes looking to soothe muscle aches and pains, or consumers simply prioritizing self-care.

NFORCE product features include:  

  • Ergonomic multi-grip design, uniquely designed for small to big hand, and reach more areas easily
  • 5 levels of adjustable intensity to accommodate a larger group of people’s pressure sensitivity 
  • 3 vibration patterns: pulsing, constant, and step up 
  • 6 unique attachment heads to target specific muscle groups 
  • Low noise level, so people can use it anywhere without causing a disturbance 

Aside from bringing affordable and innovative self-care products to the market, Njoie is establishing a community for people to interact with and inspire one another. From how-to videos to quick routines and recovery tips, the company has partnered with influencers and wellness experts to help users ensure they’re ready to take on each day refreshed and recovered. Explore the Njoie community on Instagram and stay updated with a free weekly workout and recovery class.  

Pricing and Availability

The NFORCE massage gun is currently available for purchase on as well as Amazon for $99.99 USD. Njoie is offering a limited time launch discount of 30% off the NFORCE massage gun, pricing the product at $69.99. Additionally, Njoie uniquely backs it’s brand and products with customer care and support options after purchase. The company will be expanding its portfolio of recovery products with additional launches in the coming , and products will be available in local and national retailers in additional to online retailers.

NFORCE Customer Testimonial

“It is extremely light and quiet compared to other brands. I can even bring it to work to use it. Not to mention the pricing is very affordable.”

“Even the lowest intensity is incredibly effective in the best way + it comes with all these other attachments which is nice to have different options. During Covid, when spas are closed, this is a perfect option. I feel soooo much looser just after 15 minutes!”

“As far as using it, it feels great. Like most computer dwellers my back gets stiff pretty often and this has been a great solution.”




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About Njoie

Njoie is a health and wellness brand that provides affordable and quality at-home recovery and self-care for consumers of all lifestyles and activity levels. The California-based company prioritizes injury prevention and relaxation through its growing portfolio of personal wellness and recovery products. From professional athletes, exercise enthusiasts, gamers, working professionals, frequent travelers and more, Njoie is committed to helping all consumers live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Njoie is a subsidiary of BOSS Audio Systems, global leader and innovator in audio and video equipment.