What Makes MFLEX by Njoie Different Than Other Myofascial Release Tools?

What Makes MFLEX by Njoie Different Than Other Myofascial Release Tools?

You may have been bombarded with ads for different myofascial release tools recently and wondered, “how do I know which tool is the right one for me?” Well, look no further. MFLEX is the only customizable myofascial release tool designed for everybody. No matter your body size, desired intensity level, or parts of the body you want to focus on, MFLEX has got you covered.

Expandable Base

We all come in different shapes and sizes, and so should your muscle release tools. Unlike other myofascial release tools on the market that are one-size-fits-all, MFLEX has an adjustable base that can be expanded from 5.25” to 7.25” wide to fit your unique body.

Interchangeable Heads

Are you thinking of trying out myofascial release tools, but they all look way too intense? Or maybe you want the option to change up the intensity of your apparatus depending on the muscles you’re targeting. Lucky for you, MFLEX includes a set of high heads, as well as a set of low heads, that you can choose between depending on these different factors. We recommend using the low heads for surface muscles, such as those in the thighs and arms; and we recommend using the high heads on muscles that require deeper pressure, such as the psoas, glutes, and obliques.

So, there you have it! If you want a myofascial release tool that is truly customizable to all your needs, check out MFLEX here!