Summer 2021 Travel Packing List

Summer 2021 Travel Packing List

After being locked in our homes for the summer of 2020, we’re all ready to get packing and go somewhere awesome this summer. Maybe you want to go adventure somewhere, or maybe you’ve been craving a relaxing vacation. Whatever kind of trip you’re planning, we’re sharing some summer packing essentials we think you should take with you to optimize your travels – aside from your basic toothbrush, pajamas, hand sanitizer, and underwear checklist. 

  1. Disposable Camera – That’s right, a disposable camera! We know, we know… you can just take photos on your phone’s camera. But there’s something about taking photos on a disposable camera that just makes them more special. Maybe it’s the fact that they always come out looking amazing, or the fact that you can’t see the photo you took until you get it developed, but there’s something truly magical about capturing those exciting moments on film.

  2. Sheet Face Mask – If you’re traveling by plane, a hydrating sheet face mask is a must. You ever sit on a long flight and by the end you feel like you have dozens of new pimples and your face feels dry and dull? Well, a little in-plane self-care never hurt nobody. Pop one of those bad boys on your face in the middle or end of your flight and you’ll feel refreshed and hydrated as you step off the plane and embark on your journey.

  3. Portable Speaker – Whether you’re going on a hiking trip, chilling at the beach, or going sight-seeing, one thing you’ll need for any occasion is a portable Bluetooth speaker. This portable speaker by NYNE is the perfect weight (3 lbs.) and size to bring along for your adventure, with 20 hours of playtime, a built-in power bank so you can charge your devices, and a water-resistant design!

  4. Portable Massager Gun – Doesn’t getting a massage always come in mind after or during a long trip? Rather than Yelp around, why not bring your own personal massager for quick and easy recovery. A massage gun is the perfect tool to help you unwind on your relaxing vacay or recover after a long day of adventuring. The NFORCE massage gun is easily portable, at just 2.2 pounds, and comes with its own carrying bag so you can take it with you wherever your travels take you. These portable massage rollers, Proto and Electro, are also the perfect small-but-mighty massage tool to keep handy for sore muscles after a long hike or a long flight!

  5. Coloring Book – Ever go on a trip and pack multiple different books planning on reading them, then you get back home and realize you haven’t read any of them the whole trip? We get it, a book is a pretty big commitment for some people. If you’re still looking for a way to pass the time without having to dive into a whole novel, pack a coloring book along with some colored pencils. Not only does this pass the time super well, but it’s also shown to be extremely therapeutic, so if you have travel-anxiety, this is just the activity for you! 

We hope you all have safe and enjoyable travels this summer, because we all deserve it after the year we’ve been through!