Gifts Ideas that Keep on Giving | 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts Ideas that Keep on Giving | 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Finding the perfect gift can be hard. You don’t want to give someone a gift they use once and forget about. How many times have you gotten a gift that ultimately ends up tossed into a closet never to see the light of day again? This holiday season, step outside of conventions. No more monogrammed bathrobes, at-home beer-brewing kits, or, dare-we-say, the dreaded gift cards. Choose a holiday gift that has a long lifespan, something useful that your loved one will appreciate for years to come. It doesn’t have to be expensive, or even a unique gift, you just have to think outside of the box. 

When you’re under pressure to check everyone off your lengthy holiday gift list, thinking of meaningful, valuable gifts can get tricky, which is why we’ve provided this 2021 holiday gift guide to help you get started. 

Give the gift of new experiences

Gifts don’t have to be materialistic. Take your loved one to see their favorite musician perform, take them on a trip to a new city they’ve been wanting to explore, or pay for those pottery classes they’ve always wanted to take. Who says a gift has to be an item? These sorts of gifts provide memorable experiences that will last a lifetime. 

Gift a subscription

This can be as simple as buying an annual Netflix subscription or paying for a subscription service like StitchFix, Universal Yums, Butcher Box, MasterClass or BoxyCharm for your loved one. Every time they use their subscription, they’ll think of you! 

Gift reusable self-care items

Buy a high-quality massage gun, like the NFORCE, instead of purchasing a one-time massage at a spa; or buy a paraffin wax machine instead of paying for multiple spa treatments. 

Gift a custom-made recipe book

Fill a custom-made recipe book with your loved one’s favorite meals instead of taking them out to a fancy restaurant for one single meal. You can even include family recipes that have been passed down for generations to add sentimental value. To add an extra touch, add your own favorite recipe at the end of the cookbook, so they’ll always remember who gave them such a great gift! 

Gift a fitness package

The new year is right around the corner, and that means many people are beginning to re-assess their fitness routines and overall wellness. If you know someone who’s doing this, consider purchasing a gym membership for them and pair it with a trigger point massage kit, like the BodyFlex Pro, to help with post-workout recovery. 

Give a sentimental gift

If you have a loved one that’s recently lost a pet, consider giving them a gift to memorialize their pet like pet memorial jewelry or a pet memorial photo frame. If you want to give a grandparent or parent a sentimental gift, create a custom photo album featuring different highlights of their life over the years. 

Gift a service you can provide 

Are you a talented artist? Give your loved one a custom-created painting. If you’re a whiz with the camera, gift them their very own photoshoot. There are tons of directions you can go with this one, just get creative! 

Thinking of what gifts to give people can be stressful, time-consuming, and expensive. But this list shows it doesn’t have to be that way. Think outside of the box when coming up with your list of gifts this year. Consider what gifts you’ve received in the past that you still use to this day and appreciate receiving the most. Hopefully this list can help in creating a happy, stress-free holiday for you and your family!