Exercises and Practices to Improve Your Posture and Relieve Back Pain and Tension

young black woman stretching at her desk, back pain, stretching arm, shoulders, and neck. blog post shows exercises and practices to use to improve your posture and relieve back pain and tension at work, at home, or anywhere

Whether we like it or not, back pain is no longer just a health issue regarding age. Depending on our day-to-day lives, this pain can be moderate or very severe. For example, many people who work at desks all day long may notice new or worsening pain in their backs, from a lack of blood circulation, weakening of the abdominal and hip flexor muscles, and bad posture. This pain is often accompanied by stubborn knots that are hard to get rid of. If you are experiencing this kind of pain and feel like you could use a little help, here are some quick and effective exercises and practices to improve your posture and relieve your back from pain and tension. 

Child’s Pose 

Starting off with the tried and true, this pose lengthens and strengthens your spine, hamstrings, and glutes, helping to release tension in the lower back and neck. Breathe deeply into this pose and feel free to wiggle your body around to target your specific hurts. You can stay here for up to five minutes. 

Leg Crossover Spinal Twist 

This exercise helps to relieve pain and tightness in your back and hips. Lay down on your back, crossing one leg over the other, and reach your hand in the other direction to get a more intense stretch. 

Cobra Pose 

This stretch stretches and strengthens the spine, as well as the arms and shoulders. It is also known to decrease stiffness in the back and firm and tone the glutes. It is very beneficial to keep your glutes and neighboring muscles to the spine strong in order to maintain a good posture. 

Support Your Back 

One practice that seems extremely obvious, but often goes overlooked, is to support your back, especially while you’re sitting down. Since many of us tend to slouch while in seated positions, it’s very important that we make sure we’re sitting in chairs that support our backs and aid in our posture. If you feel that your chair is not providing enough support, it may be a good idea to invest in a cushion or chair extension that provides the support your chair is lacking. 

Practice Myofascial Release 
When we used to need our knots released, we would have to set up appointments with a masseuse or a chiropractor. These days, there is a more cost-effective (and Covid-safe) alternative to these costly visits. New tools, like the MFLEX full-body, deep-tissue muscle release tool, are great to help you relieve that tension in your back that just doesn’t seem to go away. Read more about it here.
Take Breaks from Sitting 

During the work week, many of us spend hours on end in seated positions that hurt our bodies and create tension in our backs. Take a few minutes every few hours to get up, walk around, and readjust. Whether it’s taking a bathroom break, going on a walk, or getting up and stretching, it’s very important for our bodies to make sure we don’t stay in these seated positions for too long without giving our backs the proper care and attention they deserve. 

In conclusion, if you suffer from back pain and tension, you’re not alone. Did you know that about 16 million adults suffer from back pain, making it the sixth most costly condition in the United States? Although so many of us suffer from this issue, implementing these exercises and practices into our daily routines can help us relieve that pain before it gets too bad.