Benefits of Vibrating Massage Ball Rollers (And Why They’re Better Than Foam Rollers)

Benefits of Vibrating Massage Ball Rollers (And Why They’re Better Than Foam Rollers)

Foam rollers have been using for years to help relieve muscle tightness, soreness, inflammation, and increase range of motion. More recently, vibrating massage tools, like massage guns, have become increasingly popular in the world of pain management, fitness, and muscle recovery. So, what do we get when we combine this tried-and-true technique with this new, exciting technology? Proto and Electro, our vibrating massage rollers! With these new products, not only do you save room by getting rid of your bulky foam roller, but you also reap the benefits of their percussive massage therapy. 

Electro, our vibrating roller ball, is best used on smaller muscle groups such as the neck, arms, and feet. Proto, our vibrating roller peanut, is best for your larger muscle groups like those in the legs. With their lightweight and portable design, Proto and Electro are easy to use on-the-spot or on-the-go. Their versatility allows you to use them in multiple ways: roll them on the floor, on the wall, or by hand. 

So, what are the benefits of these vibrating massage rollers? Read on to find out! 

Reduce Muscle Soreness 

After an intense workout, it’s harder for your body to get enough oxygen, which can lead to lactic acid buildup. This buildup is what causes the muscle pain and soreness you may experience the day after your workout. The percussive massage therapy of Proto and Electro helps to release that buildup by moving lactic acid away from the muscles to nearby tissues. Using Proto or Electro before and after your workouts helps to decrease the likelihood of your muscles becoming sore due to lactic acid buildup. 

Promotes Blood Circulation 

Using a vibrating massage roller encourages red and white blood cells to generate throughout the body, which then helps you to maintain healthy oxygen levels and blood flow all over your body, assisting vital organs such as your heart and lungs to function effectively. Increased blood circulation also helps your muscles function properly.  

Reduces Inflammation and Eliminates Tension 

Muscles can become inflame from overwork, overuse, or injury. Using a vibrating massage roller helps to reduce inflammation in the body by releasing and dispersing fluid around your cells away from your muscles. This not only relaxes tense muscles, but also reduces muscle soreness and tightness. Alternating between Proto and Electro’s three different intensity levels helps to disperse the fluid away from your muscles in a more comfortable and customizable way. 

Increases Flexibility and Muscle Plasticity 

Regular use of Proto and Electro can also lead to improved muscle plasticity and flexibility. Our muscles constantly need to adjust due to changes in our environment, activity level, and other factors in our daily lives. Using Proto and Electro to warm up for or recover from a workout helps to loosen your muscles, allowing for more flexibility throughout your body. It’s very important for our muscles and bodies to be flexible as it prevents injury, pain in the back and other large muscle groups, and problems with balance.