2020 Wellness and Self-Care Holiday Gift Ideas

2020 Wellness and Self-Care Holiday Gift Ideas

Let’s be honest, 2020 hasn’t been a smooth ride for most of us. This holiday season, it is especially important to give your loved ones (or yourself) personalized gifts that will help them stay balanced and lead a healthy lifestyleAt the same time, you don’t want to stress yourself out trying to find the perfect gift! To help you out, we’ve created a list of some unique and personalized gifts you can give your loved ones during the holidays to help them keep up with their mental health and make sure their bodies and minds feel at ease, refreshed, and ready for the New Year.  

Essential Oil Diffuser 

If you don’t have an essential oil diffuser yet, you should really look into it. Aromatherapy has become a very popular (and natural) tool people use to relieve anxiety and stress. Many essential oils have been known to have calming effects on the body. For example, lavender has been shown to promote relaxation when inhaled through the nose, and it can also improve your mood. Chamomile essential oil is well-known for its great scent, as well as its ability to relax, soothe, and sedate people. If anything, an essential oil diffuser will fill your loved one’s home up with amazing smells and help to make them feel good while they’re practicing mindfulness, doing some yoga and breathing exercises, or meditating. Gifting an essential oil diffuser + essential oil set for your friends and family is a great way to help them keep calm and decrease stress.  

Some of our favorite essential oil diffusers: Revive Basics Diffuser Oils KitUltrasonic Moon Essential Oil Diffuser, and Art Naturals Top 8 Essential Oils & Diffuser Set 

Subscription to a Meditation App

Meditation apps are a great way to stay mindful, grounded, and relaxed. While there are a few meditation apps that require no paid membership, there are many that allow you to unlock hundreds of specific and targeted meditations for all sorts of situations, such as getting ready for a new job, a big move, an important meeting, a hard test, falling asleep, and so much more. 

Some of our favorite meditation apps with subscription optionsSimple HabitCalm, Breethe Headspace, and buddhify. 

Percussion Massage Gun

It’s important that people pay attention to their bodies as well as their minds when striving for a balanced lifestyle. Tight and sore muscles can result in tension headaches, discomfort, stress, and decreased motivation to be active. Investing in and gifting a handheld, personal percussion massage gun is the perfect way to treat your loved ones and helping them care for their bodies. Our NFORCE massage gun has six unique attachment heads that each target specific muscle groups all over the body, five intensity levels, and three vibration modes to adapt to each person’s needs. A massage gun will help address any tension, pain, soreness, and even blood circulation issues throughout the body, helping users feel great from the outside in. Massage tools like the NFORCE have even been shown to help people prevent and recover from injuries, not to mention its positive effect on reducing anxiety and mood disorders. So, if you see that your loved one has been feeling tense or down, a massage gun might just be the magic ingredient to get themselves back on their feet. If you want to give it as a Christmas present, be sure to order the NFORCE by December 11th to receive it by the 24th! 

Gratitude Journal

Sometimes (especially in stressful and unprecedented times like these!) it’s easy for us to focus on the negativity in our lives and forget all of the positive things that are happening to and around us. Help bring your friends and family back to the positive with a gratitude journal! Gratitude journals are a great tool to make sure we don’t spend too much time focusing on the negativity in life and remind us of what is great. Many people swear by gratitude journals and they have been shown to increase optimism, improve self-esteem, help people sleep better, make people happier and more grateful, increase satisfaction with life, and reduce stress. Practicing gratitude with a journal has also been shown to improve peoples’ physical health! 

Some of our favorite gratitude journals: Five Minute JournalGrateful Duo, and The Jag Wellness Journal 

Digital Detox Activity Book

It’s no secret that electronics like our phone, laptop, and TV can be addicting and have negative effects on our brain and mental health. But it’s very hard to keep yourself distracted while trying to stay away from your phone. This Digital Detox Activity Book is the perfect gift for your loved one who needs some time away from social media, work emails, and other things that may keep them on their electronic devices for long periods of time. 

Adult Coloring Book

Another good way to help your loved ones unplug is by gifting them an adult coloring book. Not only is it a fun way to remind you of your childhood but coloring for adults has also been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, improve motor skills and vision, help achieve mindfulness, improve sleep, promote creativity, and improve focus! 

Some of our favorite adult coloring books: Clouds in a TeacupThings I Want To Say At Work But Can’t, and The Mindfulness Coloring Book 

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, or nothing at all, it’s always nice to show your friends you care about them with a gift that will help them feel their best.