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Massage Gun Attachments: Explained

Massage Gun Attachments: Explained

By now, you’ve probably seen massage guns advertised on your Instagram feed, being used by professional athletes, or through a Google search about how to deal with muscle soreness and tension. Although these percussive massaging devices are very intriguing and have shown to be beneficial for numerous reasons, their many included attachment heads may make them bit intimidating to use. You may have gone to buy one online, but the attachments confused you and turned you off. Or, you may have purchased one, but when you opened the box and saw all of the attachments, you didn’t know what to do with them so you just stuck to the ball head and pushed the others to the side. Well, believe it or not, those different attachments actually have specialized purposes.

The NFORCE massage gun comes with six unique head attachments. Each head is designed to serve a different purpose, targeting specific muscle groups and parts of the body.


The fork head is good for improving flexibility, and it helps release tension throughout the body. This head is recommended for the back, and it also works really well to provide relief to the neck and spine. If you have knots and tension in your back and neck, this attachment will help you out immensely.


The bullet head is a must for stubborn problem areas. This head is designed for a deep, precise massage to specifically target joints and trigger points throughout your body with a focused intensity. The bullet head helps to release tension and pressure from areas like the calves, arms, thighs, and feet. If you’re a beginner, use this attachment with caution as it can be very intense.

Five Points:

The five points head is best used to relax and recover the external and internal abdominal oblique muscles, or other “flat area” muscle groups. Its wider footprint and multiple points are designed to help hypersensitive areas, such as the soles of the feet, with a less intense treatment.


For a less invasive, but very effective, means of treatment, try the flat head attachment. Its flat head surface provides a dissipated pressure and a less intrusive impact than other heads, making it great for muscle plasticity, which allows your muscles to adapt to new movements and environments.

Large Ball:

The large ball head is recommended for large and medium muscle groups, like the glutes and thighs. This attachment is great for improving recovery and reducing muscle soreness after workouts. Since it is made from a softened material, it provides for a more tender treatment on bony areas and sensitive muscle groups.

Small Ball:

The small ball head works great on medium to small muscle groups like the upper back and shoulders. This head is also made from the same softened material as the large ball head, but it gives you a more targeted treatment due to its size.

Although some attachment heads can be used to target specific muscle groups, all of them can be used on any area throughout the body. Just be sure to listen to your body and make sure it feels good!